Telehealth Services


With Sequence Health’s Telehealth services, it’s never been so easy for you and your patient to find an appointment time that works well for both of you. If you want to free up time in your schedule book so you can see more patients, our HIPAA compliant Telehealth services can help you.

Telehealth Services

Today’s Problem: There just isn’t enough time to meet with all your patients face to face. Many of your post-procedure follow-ups and initial consultations may not require an in-person visit, but you have no other way to conduct these appointments today.

Valuable schedule book time is consumed with appointments that don’t require an in-office visit, and as a result you are losing revenue and booking more critical appointments out too far into the future.

Group events can only be done by physically attending the sessions at your location which makes it difficult for many people who wish to be there to attend. More people could participate if your event was available online, but you do not have easy-to-access webcast capability that doesn’t need a video crew and technical expertise.

Telehealth Services

Our Solutions: Sequence Health provides a HIPAA compliant and easy-to-use Telehealth audio and video capability that your patients can access with just one click.

A new or current patient can request, or your office may choose, to schedule a Telehealth appointment.

Once an appointment is scheduled for a Telehealth encounter, a secure e-mail is sent to the patient and uploaded to their patient portal, which allows them to meet you online. Reminders are then completed via secure e-mail, secure text messaging and recorded phone calls reminders.

When a patient logs in for their online doctor visit, they enter an engaging online waiting room with different things to do while they wait for their appointment to begin from watching videos about your program to relaxing to soft music to watching the news or checking the weather.

Telehealth ServicesEach encounter can be recorded and is available to be placed into your Sequence Health patient portal for easy access later by your patient.

The Telehealth portal is incredibly convenient for your patients who now don’t have to take time away from their busy lives to travel to see you in-person unless it’s needed. And, you now have an ultra-efficient schedule book, so you can see more patients!

Use your Telehealth capability also to broadcast live events without requiring a video and audio crew.

Stay ahead of the curve with advanced patient engagement methods with Sequence Health and our Telehealth services.

Contact us for a free assessment as to how telehealth appointments can improve your patient satisfaction.

Important Disclaimer: We are not healthcare providers. We are a healthcare company that provides services for physicians. If you are having health issues or need assistance with your Telehealth appointment please contact your provider directly.