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The MBSCR is an important part of your bariatric program

Our dedicated reviewer will abstract patient data from your EMR and ensure accurate and timely entry into the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform. In addition, all proper patient phone call follow-ups will take place as well. Your Certified MBSCR will ensure that 100% of your completed surgeries are recorded properly and cost-effectively for your bariatric program.

“High-quality data is critical to inform quality improvement and to determine accreditation. All metabolic and bariatric surgical procedures must be entered into the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform…Metabolic and Bariatric Surgical Clinical Reviewers (MBSCRs) are audited, trained data reviewers who are not directly involved in patient care.”

— MBSAQIP Resources for Optimal Patient Care of the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Patient 2014

Our MBSCR Staff

“The MBSCR should be an individual
with appropriate clinical knowledge and
expertise to collect the required data.”
– Standard 2.4

  • Maintain annual ACS Certification and are licensed RNs and LPNs
  • Are experienced in data abstraction, quality improvement, and the surgical process
  • Are trained in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

What Are Our MBSCR Responsibilities for Your Program?

Perform accurate data abstraction from
clinical records to remain in compliance with accreditation standards as an unbiased participant.

Enter all required surgical procedures
performed at your facility into the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform in a timely manner.

Phone call follow-up
All proper patient phone call follow up performed in accordance with MBSAQIP standards.

Serve as a resource to the bariatric program
to ensure all required post operative follow-up take place.

Will serve as an extension of your team
by fulfilling all required outreach to patients for long-term follow-up.

Phone call follow-up
All proper patient phone call follow-up performed in accordance with MBSAQIP standards.

Our MBSCR services will allow you have a more cost-effective method to maintain your accreditation. Your clinical team can spend more time patient facing while our certified MBSCR manages all aspects of the MBSAQIP data management program for you.

We are cost-effective, focused and motivated to provide this service!

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We make sure all your needs are covered.

Collects preoperative, intraoperative, 30-day postoperative, and long-term (six month and annual thereafter) follow-up data components for the program through the effective utilization of the hospital medical record systems and through a coordinated effort with individual surgeon office staff.

Establishes effective working relationships with members of the hospital community, especially staff in the surgery, medicine, nursing, medical records, and information systems departments and individual bariatric surgeons offices whose support is necessary for the management and success of the program.

Serves as an educational resource on the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform for internal and external audiences by developing educational material and delivering presentations.

Identifies opportunities for process improvement and clinical review.

Assists, plans, prepares and implements patient support groups, seminars and education sessions.

Conducts follow-up on patients on continuum of care and updates medical record.

Participates in program teleconferences, periodically attends voluntary in-person professional development seminars offered at various annual meetings such as ASMBS, ACS NSQIP, or ACS Clinical Congress.

Participates in data compilation for audits and (re)accreditation or site visits. Responsible for the accurate, complete and timely entry of data into the program s database.

Identifies 100 percent of metabolic and bariatric surgery patients for inclusion in the MBSAQIP data registry.

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