Proven Solutions Medical
Device Manufacturers

Effectively Manage Direct to Consumer Marketing

We have a long history of providing Medical Device Manufacturers with systems and services that build brand awareness and generate consumer interest.

Sequence Health’s patient engagement solutions will drive more leads to providers who utilize your devices.

Not only do we implement the end-to-end marketing strategies through our digital and traditional marketing programs, we also handle all inbound leads through our medical call center who is specifically trained to triage your calls.

Our experienced medical call center representatives go through rigorous training to become fully knowledgeable about your medical device, so they can explain the specifics to a potential patient.

They are also well equipped to schedule initial consultations across the breadth of your provider network.

You’ll be able to easily track the success of your marketing campaigns with our outstanding set of reporting which indicates the effectiveness of your campaigns, as well as return on investment analysis and lead conversion reporting.

Our Medical and Healthcare CRM effectively integrates with our call center to seamlessly capture lead information and lead sources.

Our network then passes leads to your providers in a fair and equitable manner, as well as schedules leads for initial consultations, seminars or other events regarding their specific interest.

Successfully introduce new products into the healthcare arena with systems and services from Sequence Health. With our proven history and experience, we will help you guarantee the success of your products in the marketplace.