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Healthcare CRM/EMR IntegrationHealthcare Engagement Solutions

Healthcare CRM/EMR Solutions

Our Platform is flexible and it integrates with your EMR. Track patient progress through defined patient pathways and better communicate with patients and other team members. The Pl-medical-call-center platform includes robust patient engagement capabilities.

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Medical Call Center ServicesMedical Call Center

We have vast experience in serving as an extension for medical programs by answering phones in a timely basis, triaging patient calls, scheduling appointments and much, much more.

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Specialty Specific Services

Sequence Health offers first-class healthcare engagement solutions to help providers track their patient’s care journey. Our end-to-end engagement platform comprises various digital tools that let you engage with patients before, during, and after a scheduled appointment. The ideal patient engagement software should facilitate constant communication with customers, drive follow-up appointments, and collect direct feedback from patients. It should allow you to screen patients to determine their health needs, share information, and monitor your interactions with patients. Our healthcare patient engagement platforms include a CRM system with EMR integration and a medical call center. They cover the following components:

Self-Guided Online SchedulingSelf-Guided Online Scheduling

Scheduling appointments should be fast and straightforward. We use a self-guided online scheduling system that allows patients to book a visit directly from their mobile device or computer. The platform automatically notifies patients when you validate their appointment, reducing the workload on your front desk and call center staff. You can customize the scheduling form to meet your practice’s requirements and regulations.

Automated Appointment RemindersAutomated Appointment Reminders

Maintaining communication with patients is critical to improving acquisition and managing engagement. Failure to stay connected can lead to increased no-shows and cancelations. Our patient engagement solutions support automated appointment reminders, simplifying communication by reducing the number of phone calls you may have to make. They also help minimize cancelations and no-shows.

Your patients can receive reminders via emails, texts, or automated voice calls. They can confirm, reschedule, or cancel an appointment directly from the reminder. You can boost patients’ response rates by customizing appointment reminder messages.

Digital Clinical and Financial Patient IntakeDigital Clinical and Financial Patient Intake

Our patient intake system allows patients to check in by themselves, eliminating redundant tasks and saving staff time. The platform provides a flexible check-in experience, accommodating your patient’s unique needs. Your patients can digitally check in at home, in your office, or on the go via a mobile phone or laptop. The system also supports digital patient intake for Telehealth, allowing for better management of virtual visits and streamlined intake workflows.

Large medical organizations can rely on registration kiosks with wayfinding features to meet the needs of their health systems.

Payment CollectionsPayment Collections

Medical providers often experience challenges with payment collections. Revenue systems are somewhat complex, making it difficult for providers to keep track of collections. The good news is you can now collect your payments through the Sequence Health revenue cycle management platform. Our system streamlines and automates the payment process without stressing your staff and patients. This platform allows patients to settle copays and outstanding balances with no additional staff work necessary.

They can pay conveniently via multiple channels like Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can track payments via practice management systems with automated account reconciliation. You can also automatically charge patients’ insurance cards for collections after settlement of claims.

Ongoing Care EngagementOngoing Care Engagement

Our healthcare patient engagement platform allows you to connect with your patients before, during, and after their medical appointments with tailored messages. These health campaigns keep patients engaged throughout their care journey and enhance the quality of services offered by your organization. You can use them to share resourceful materials with patients in different categories based on your clinical workflows. Ongoing care engagement can drive follow-up appointments and improve efficiencies.

Patient Satisfaction SurveysPatient Satisfaction Surveys

Sequence Health post-visit surveys can help your organization know what patients think and feel about your practice. Satisfaction surveys allow you to discover more information about a patient’s healthcare journey and experience to help you improve service delivery. Our patient satisfaction survey system aligns with industry standards.

It lets you track your ratings and scores on sites like Net Promoter. You can also use it to direct consumers to online review sites where they can leave testimonials about their experience. Staff members receive real-time alerts whenever a patient responds positively or negatively. The system prompts patients who respond positively to leave an online review, helping create awareness and boost your visibility.

Patient Outreach AnalyticsPatient Outreach Analytics

Use Sequence Health analytics to measure the performance of your healthcare engagement solutions. From the results, you can know whether your patient outreach is on the right track. You can use the system to view open rates for text messages and emails, analyze click-through rates, and generate relevant reports.

Patient ActivationPatient Activation

Patient activation encourages patients to take an active role in their care journey. Leverage our healthcare patient engagement platform to create programs that educate patients about your services, engage them, and maintain a constant line of communication with them before, during, and after an appointment for a seamless healthcare experience.