Online Healthcare Seminars

Healthcare Webinars & Online Medical Seminars


Our goal is simple; we develop an engaging, compelling online healthcare seminar & webinars for you so more leads want to become your patient.

Online Healthcare Seminars

Today’s Problem: These days your potential patients find it hard to make it to your scheduled in-person health seminar between work, family, and a to-do list that never ends.

Others won’t make it because they have mobility restrictions or their uncomfortable in a group setting that addresses their particular health condition. You are spending your valuable time conducting in-person seminars with low attendance rates when you could be either seeing more patients or spending time with your family and improving the quality of “your” life.

You don’t even know how many people come to your website, wanting to join your program and don’t because there isn’t an easy way to get started.

Online Healthcare Seminars

Our Solutions: Our customized online medical seminars allow prospective patients to watch, listen and learn about your healthcare program from the comfort of their home at a time that is convenient for them by completing a online registration form and off they go.

Your online educational seminar is available 24/7 to your target audience giving them the ability to participate in your seminar anytime, anywhere.

Now, you will capture new potential patients who may not be able to attend your in-person seminar because they are either too busy, don’t feel comfortable in a group setting, or live far away.

Implementing an online medical seminar not only educates potential patients but also gives them the chance to learn about you in a direct way. This is when the relationship between both of you begins. While they are being introduced to your program, they are also watching your patient testimonials which will really give them the benefits of your program.

All of these things together in an easy-to-access and professional presentation will significantly grow your patient pipeline.

Your seminar can include quiz questions throughout the presentation to help ensure that the participant is retaining information. Once the online seminar is completed they will have easy access to fill out their new patient paperwork online.

No more chasing attendees to get them to send you their patient packet.

All specialties, from bariatrics to orthopedics to fertility, will benefit from a well-produced online healthcare seminar & webinar from Sequence Health.

“We have seen tremendous increases in patient intake to the tune of 20% to 40% based on how easy it is to get started online with our healthcare providers.”

– Rich Rosenzweig | Founder & CEO

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