The Patient Engagement Solutions Company
that connects, converts, and manages patients

We provide your healthcare organization with HIPAA
compliant integrated systems and services which
dramatically increase your patient pipeline from initial lead
capture through post procedure and acute care.


Tailored Services For Your Healthcare Organization


What We Do

Connect to More Leads

Our best-in-class lead methods programs significantly increase your organizations online visibility and makes it incredibly easy for people to start their engagement with your program.

The Solutions:


What We Do

Convert More Leads to Patients

Once leads are captured, our systems and services insure that the highest lead to patient conversion rates are accomplished by your organization.


What We Do

Manage Your Patients Efficiently

Now that the front end of your patient pipeline is increasing, our systems and services insure that your patients are managed properly through every step of their care pathway in a patient friendly and incredibly effective manner.

The Solutions:


From initial lead capture all the way through the patient care pathway, Sequence Health systems and services insure greater top line revenue performance, a significantly higher level of patient engagement, and a much greater level of internal office efficiency.

Our systems and services are integrated real time with your enterprise EMR to provide you with the flexibility and configurability you really need to manage all of your patient encounters.

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