Medical Call Center

Medical Call Center

Healthcare Call Center Service by Sequence Health


As an extension of your team, our medical call center will help get your patient calls answered quickly while following your protocol time and time again.

Medical Call Center

Today’s Problem:

Your office staff is busy with patients that are in your waiting room and in clinic. Staff is absent from work. Phones are ringing off the hook and not being answered in a timely manner. Other callers are on extended hold times. Existing patients are getting frustrated trying to reach you and potential new patients are already getting the wrong impression because they can’t get anyone on the phone.

The daily stresses of the office environment are heard by your patients in the voices of your staff. You are losing revenue opportunities.

Medical Call Center

Our Solutions: 

Our medical call center provides dedicated patient care coordinators who are trained to manage your inbound calls, outbound calls, appointment scheduling and insurance verification. Your phones will now be answered in a timely and patient-centric manner. The type of healthcare call centers service you require will either be handled by our non-clinical office staff or our NurseLine.

Our inbound and outbound medical call center service is a step above the rest. Our phone systems are unparalleled in their capability compared to those normally used, even at the hospital level. All of our calls are recorded for your record keeping.

We have clinical and non-clinical staff that serve as an extension of your team, answering your phones during and after business hours, so patients don’t have to wait and your team can focus more on the patients in the waiting room and in clinic.

Our Non-Clinical Medical Call Center Services

  • Answering inbound calls
  • Making outbound calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Follow up reminders and re-scheduling
  • Forms completion
  • Referrals
  • Insurance verification
  • Insuring timely responses from individuals within your organization to patients requiring their help

Our Nurse Line Medical Call Center Services

  • Pre and post-operative encounters
  • Post-operative follow up and compliance
  • Prescription re-fills
  • Follow up appointment scheduling
  • Patient surveys
  • FDA trials
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
    • Eligibility analysis
    • Enrollment
    • Outreach, engagement and EMR recording
    • Annual wellness visit appointments


FAQs About Medical Call Center

Healthcare call centers can help save administrative staff a great deal of time and take a lot of their plate. They can help improve insurance verification processes and appointment scheduling while your staff focuses on much more important tasks.

They are a powerful cost saving measure, but that’s far from their only benefit. They save time, hassle, and help your organization do what it does best: serve your community. It’s a must for any healthcare organization that is serious about optimizing their operation.

We can take care of changes quickly, since you will always have a way to contact us. It may take some time to implement changes in the call center, but if the matter is urgent or is a matter of important information, we can take care of it within the day.

If you need bilingual operators, we can provide them for you. You will need to specify that you need specific additional languages available as part of your service, and we can support your community in any way necessary.