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Since 2002, Sequence Health has helped providers meet their goals to attract and acquire the patients who are the best fit for a practice. We are your expert team that will work to increase patient referrals, keep your current patients happy, and grow your brand locally.

Sequence Health has helped hundreds of medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations improve top-line revenues while providing unmatched quality care. We help you meet patients where they are, reach them through their preferred channel, communicate in a personal and relevant way, and deliver just the right amount of information and just the right time.

Sequence Health offers world-class patient conversion solutions to healthcare providers. We aim to increase your organization’s visibility by creating awareness and engaging prospects. Our services include website design, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and social media management.

We also provide quality healthcare lead generation, allowing you to focus on the care needs of your patients. We will research your target audience, identify the appropriate prospects, and promote your practice across multiple business channels to connect you with the ideal patients. Our top lead generation solutions include online seminars, webinars, and educational videos.

Our experts can assist your organization in implementing a CRM system to manage your interactions with current and potential customers. We will also help your practice set up a medical call center and implement a chronic care management program to manage your ever-expanding customer base.

We employ a positive, proactive approach to ensure providers create an exceptional experience for potential and current patients. Our solutions for healthcare build credibility, enhance trust, and increase patient satisfaction by keeping them informed, engaged, and connected through multiple channels. Organizations can utilize our innovative solutions to create personalized patient services, manage referrals, and capture feedback from stakeholders and patients.

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“We began to see an immediate uptake in the number of patients we see since we started working with Sequence Health.”

Dr. Charles Proctor
Beltline Bariatric   Surgical Group

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There’s A Science to Attraction: Bring in The Right Patients

Do you want to rank on the front page of Google’s search results? Want to be found on social media? Sequence Health is one of the leading Internet marketing companies for healthcare organizations. We will get your brand and practice in front of the patients you are looking for so that you can grow your business in your area. We understand the patient profile you want to target, have the expertise to drive online traction quickly, and have the metrics and experience to sharpen and optimize all marketing spend.

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Getting and Keeping Patients on the Right Path

The investments you make in attracting patients have to translate into revenue. Sequence Health supports the entire patient journey from appointment setting, to in-office consultation, to post-consult compliance and patient retention. Our solutions keep patients on the path to measurable success by ensuring appointment adherence, driving compliance with a prescribed treatment pathway, and providing visibility into the clinical and financial impact of your outreach program. What we offer isn’t “marketing;” we bring the healthcare-specific expertise that will result in more meaningful, successful, and profitable patient interactions that will grow and sustain your business.

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FAQs about Our Patient Conversion Solutions

There are several ways to measure patient conversion. Some scales created by healthcare researchers and providers include the patient activation measure (PAM), which looks at four different levels of patient activation; and the patient health engagement (PHE) scale, which is a questionnaire that looks at nine additional items related to how the patient feels about their illness and their care.

Improving patient conversion can happen in multiple ways. One way is by providing additional information to the patient about his or her illness; however, information doesn’t guarantee understanding. We focus on the tools and conversations that will help patients take more control over their health. We go beyond traditional marketing measures and tactics to deliver the explanations, non-clinical triage, and specialty expertise that will keep your patients happy and loyal.

There are six steps to the patient engagement journey. They are awareness, help, care, treatment, behavioral change, and proactive health. It describes how patients understand and engage with their diagnosis and how they can manage it with the help of their physicians and care providers.

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