Medical Video Production

Medical Video Production

Healthcare Video Production By Sequence Health


Our specialty is healthcare and medical video production which is how we are able to produce well-done videos over and over again for healthcare organizations across the United States.

There are a lot of production companies out there that can create a video for you, but are they capable of producing a high-level medical video? Do they have expertise in the healthcare industry? Sequence Health can answer ‘yes’ to both of these questions, which is why we are able to produce compelling videos with impact for healthcare organizations.

Our team of writers, producers, directors, designers and editors has extensive experience and the know-how to produce a healthcare video that draws an audience in and connects with them by incorporating clear, effective content, exceptional messaging backed up with superb imagery and motion graphics.

Our high-impact videos will resonate with your target audience and get more leads in the door, as well as educate and engage your patients throughout their steps of care.

Sequence Health’s video production team works on small-to-large productions from beginning to end. We do all types of healthcare videos from online educational videos and marketing videos to TV commercials. One of our niches is the medical online seminar for any specialty which we are known for in the healthcare industry.

Video production is not cheap, but it is an excellent return on your investment. A good medical video will bring attention to your healthcare organization and the patients will follow. With that said, you don’t want to spend money on a video that won’t hit the mark. Finding a good medical video production company with healthcare expertise is key.

Don’t choose a company because they are close by. We do medical video production work for clients all over the United States. Let us do your video so your healthcare organization stands out above the rest!

Sequence Health Production Services


  • Concept/vision creation
  • Scripting/storyboarding
  • Video shoot logistics
  • Provide voice over or
    on-camera talent
  • Provide or scout out local video crew


  • Produce/direct video shoot
  • Conduct medical team/patient interviews
  • On-camera coaching (medical team/talent)
  • Teleprompter option
  • Green screen option


  • Post-shoot storyboarding
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Voice over services
  • Video hosting and tracking

FAQs About Healthcare Digital Marketing

The cost to produce your video will depend highly on what you need. Short educational content costs less than long form webinar content. We also offer a wide array of medical video production services. Call 888.986.3638 and describe to us what you need!

We use royalty-free music that we pay for. If you would like a certain piece of music in your video, we may be able to secure the license for you: however we recommend the royalty-free tracks to avoid licensing issues.

Video appears in Google video search, which can help drive traffic from a source that many marketers ignore. It can also help get people to share your website, which will increase organic traffic from social sources.

Video creation time varies greatly depending on the content needed. Some content takes less time to create than others, and depending on the services you need, we may have to spend more time creating one piece of content. Call 888.986.3638 and describe to us what you need!