4 Healthcare Hashtags & How to Use Them

4 Healthcare Hashtags & How to Use Them

In today’s “always-on” society that values information more than ever, it’s no wonder we’re taking our health questions online, too. So how can we marketers use this outlet to increase patient engagement and help practices connect more with their patients? Start with these four hashtags:


Typically, this tag refers to the use of mobile technology such as apps, smartphones, tablets, and the Cloud to improve access to, and reduce the cost of, healthcare. #mHealth solutions can be as basic as scheduled text message reminders to take medications; as sophisticated as a cloud-based integration of clinical workflow and care coordination; with limitless possibilities in between.

Join the conversation by sharing case studies, articles, and even the innovations created by MDNetSolutions, such as LeadTracker and MD Messenger.


Also known as digital healthcare, conversations that include this tag discuss the usage of hardware and software solutions that enable information and communication technologies to address health issues. Although similar to #mHealth, it is much more inclusive of public health measures like wellness education, as well as UX innovations for data capture and management.

Use this tag to amplify news stories about the new generation of healthcare as well as our work with patient engagement and management, and outcomes management.


This broader topic tag combines the tools and motivation necessary to activate a patient’s decision-making process with milestones designed to encourage positive patient behavior, including obtaining preventive care or exercising regularly. It also incorporates the technologies used to connect with, and monitor the progress of, new and existing patients.

This tag is a great opportunity to share our work with patient portals, HRAs, electronic forms, and online education; as well as website design and development, video production and mobile experience optimization.


Best summed up as “See a doctor anytime, anywhere!”, this initiative enables patients to receive convenient care for minor illnesses and ailments from in-network doctors by phone or online video conference. This tag also incorporates topics around the convenience and scaleability of solutions that unify electronic delivery of EMRs and medical device monitoring.

Some MDNet services that are relevant to the #telehealth conversation include our NurseLine, Medical Call Center , and Virtual Consultations.

Bonus tag: #wearables

Interestingly, this trending lifestyle topic is causing a buzz in the healthcare industry as well. “Wearables” are defined as any small sensory device that is worn throughout the day to measure and monitor a set of vitals. FitBit, the Apple Watch, and even Google Glass are just a few examples of the new wearable technology being examined for its ability to empower patients, particularly when it comes to proactive health management like exercise and better eating habits. But the uses don’t stop there — some app-enabled wearables are hoping to extend their software to include tracking for reproductive health and diabetes management, while others already track sleep cycles and stress-related stats — resulting in tweets that resound with question: Can the internet of things help fuel a #healthcare #revolution?

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