Creating A Call Center Disaster Recovery Plan

Creating A Call Center Disaster Recovery Plan

When it comes to your healthcare call center, continuity is of the utmost importance. However, several call centers do not have the right business continuity plan in place for their operations.

So in this article, let’s talk about a call center BCDR plan and why it’s so important. That way you can prepare your practice in the best way possible now and going forward.

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What is a Call Center Business Continuity Plan?

A Business Continuity Plan has various steps to accommodate your budget changes, mobility restrictions, customer calls, and more if you have to go remote or shut down.

Any such situation can adversely affect your call center without a BCP. In the end, you could fail to meet your obligations to your patients. On the other hand, a Business Continuity Plan allows you to continue your call center operations no matter what.

Business continuity plan creates plans and systems for support and backup and recovery when you’re in critical situations.

Documentation of a business continuity plan is a document that describes what will happen exactly if service is disrupted. It can cover data theft, bankruptcy, pandemic, response, infrastructure crashes, and more.

There should be a checklist in a BCP as well. This refers to your backup supplies, equipment, and other must-haves during this scenario.

What Must Be Included In Your Business Continuity Plan

There are a few issues that your BCP must cover, such as:

Disaster Recovery

Healthcare call center disaster recovery is crucial. You have to be prepared to deal with software crashes, data loss, and disaster situations with ease.

Interrupted Operations

If your operations are interrupted and you have downtime, you have to limit this to be as short of a period as possible. You have to make sure there are systems that can help you deal with unplanned situations.

High Availability

You should have availability with your call center as much as possible, even if there are local failures or employees are in high demand or short supply.

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