Do you know the benefits of having a mobile website?

Do you know the benefits of having a mobile website?

Do you know the benefits of having a mobile website?People are searching on their mobile phones more and more nowadays. In fact, in some countries such as Japan, there are more searches done on a mobile phone than on a computer. So what does this mean for your business? Well, if your company does not have a mobile ready website, then chances are you are not being seen when your customer base is looking for you. Many regular websites will translate to be seen on smart phones, however they can often times be more difficult to navigate than a mobile ready website and there is only so much zooming in and out that a user is willing to do.

Some websites don’t translate at all. Meanwhile, mobile ready websites are streamlined and work perfectly on a user’s phone.  Typically people searching with their mobile phones have a higher intent to buy, so why would you want to place any obstacle in their way that would keep them, from  buying from you?  Many times mobile searches are done while the user is out of his or her home and away from a computer. There is a chance that if they cannot access your website, they will check it out later when they are home, however there are many things that can hinder that. For instance, your competitor may have had a mobile ready website and earned their business, or they simply forgot by the time they got home.

Another new benefit to mobile ready websites is that Google is now sending out Googlebot to specifically crawl through  mobile sites to help determine their rankings.  This is great because  a huge percentage of your traffic comes from Google, so you definitely want to be well loved by them.  Having a mobile website means that you can engage with your customers where they are looking for you and it means that you will find  favor with the search engines. How can you deny your business this boost?

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