Guide to Keyword Research for Your Healthcare Facility

Guide to Keyword Research for Your Healthcare Facility

Who is the top healthcare provider in the United States?

While you wrack your brain trying to think of the busiest practice or doctor you know, someone else is likely heading to Google to find the answer.
And you know what? That right there is the answer. We live in the age of Dr. Google.

What do we mean by that? Essentially, before seeking treatment from a medical professional, most U.S. adults will first ask Google about their symptoms.
• How can I tell the difference between allergies and coronavirus?
• What does a spider bite look like?
• What are the symptoms of appendicitis?

Of course, Google itself doesn’t provide them with answers. Websites do. And which websites show up first in the search results comes down to medical SEO.

Increasing Patient Interest With Online Marketing

If you can rank in those top results, you can pull in more patients and increase your practice’s profile. Medical online marketing is essential to your success—word of mouth doesn’t cut it anymore.

This isn’t a small amount of traffic, either. One in every 20 searches on Google is related to health and healthcare. While these come from all over the globe, many are local to you. On top of that, just being seen as an authority can help boost your reputation.But how can you do keyword research for medical industry topics? Here are a few tips that could work for you.

Think About What You Would Write

Start with the services you offer, then ask yourself what you would write if you were to head to Google to find a provider or learn more about a condition. Make a list—a long one—with all the phrases you can think of. Then, add your location to them to help them be more specific. Now, you have keywords to incorporate into your website.

Look at Competitor’s Pages

Back to Google. Search the following phrase:
[your type of practice] + [your location]
So, if you are a podiatrist in the Bay Area, search “podiatrists San Francisco.” Then, click on the top three results—not ads—and see what keywords they are using. Try to mimic these in your content.

Turn to Professionals

Keyword research for the medical industry isn’t easy, and you don’t have to do it alone. Digital marketing companies specializing in healthcare can locate the ideal SEO keywords for your practice. In fact, Sequence Health excels at this. If you need assistance in creating a robust digital marketing campaign, we are here to help. Schedule a consultation today.