How Patient Appointment Reminders are Changing the Healthcare Industry

How Patient Appointment Reminders are Changing the Healthcare Industry

Automation has helped to simplify and improve many of the processes that keep medical practices running. Take medical appointment reminders, for example. In the past, receptionists had to spend hours each day calling patients to ensure they were aware of their upcoming appointment and that they would make it. Even with the phone call, many patients would get busy and forget to attend their appointment.
With every no-show, practices lost revenue. But now, things are different.

The Patient Appointment Reminders Revolution

Now, automated systems connect with your patient scheduling program and send out reminders to patients. Not only can patients get a call the day before, but they can also get multiple reminders across various platforms at varying times.

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For example, your patient who works at a busy law firm might want a call to her receptionist the day before, an email to herself that night, and a text two hours before her appointment. Not only is this possible, but your staff doesn’t have to schedule all of these reminders. The patient can do it on their own through your medical center patient portal.

Ways Patient Appointment Reminders Improve Healthcare

You Save Time

There are two key ways you as a provider save time with automated appointment reminders. First, you no longer need staff to dedicate time to the task, freeing them up to attend to other matters that can speed up your processes and keep appointments on track.

Second, you don’t end up with as many gaps in your day due to patients failing to show. While on the surface, that sounds like getting time back, you know from experience how much it can throw off the whole day.

You Save Money

Depending on the size of your practice, calling patients for appointment reminders could be a part-time position. But even if your practice is small enough that it is merely as a task for your primary receptionist, automated reminders will save you money since patients will show for more appointments, allowing you to bill them or their insurance providers in full.

Patients Take Control

If your automation includes letting patients set reminders through your medical center patient portal, they get to take control over the process. Whereas regular calls often feel invasive, when the patient schedules the time and method of contact, it feels natural and personalized. It turns appointment reminders into patient engagement solutions.

Patient appointment reminder automation is typically offered by healthcare advertising companies as part of their outsourcing and automation packages. To learn more about your options, schedule a demo with Sequence Health.