How to Choose the Best Medical Call Center

How to Choose the Best Medical Call Center

If you have been thinking about how to choose the best medical call center for your hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility, you likely have been carefully mulling over numerous considerations.

Sequence Health, a medical call center provider with more than a decade of experience, understands that the decision requires extensive thought. The following are among the most important considerations for you as you either begin or conclude your process for narrowing down your choice of top medical call centers.

What Advantages Will You Gain From Having a Medical Call Center?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for healthcare systems in search of medical call center service providers. For that matter, the potential advantages of having a call center can vary from facility to facility, which include:

• Reduced waiting times

• Improved patient retention rates

• More efficient use of facility staff

As your needs and expectations will also be unique to your facility, knowing them in advance will better prepare you to know which medical call center can best satisfy your objectives.

Why Would You Choose a Particular Medical Center Service Versus Another?

Naturally, knowing how much a medical call center service costs will be a key factor in your decision. Likewise, knowing your budget place can also help you differentiate how well one service versus another can meet your needs. However, the value for what you are buying can vary greatly and why you should consider other factors, such as:

• Reputation: How well regarded is the service? Is it an innovator with proven experience? Can they provide testimonials?

• Customization and Scalability: Do they offer a variety of services that can be crafted into an ideal system that meets your needs and budget?

Knowing the answers and being able to prioritize them can significantly help the decisionmaking process—especially if the decision will be made by several people or departments.

Who is Involved in the Decisionmaking Process?

Hospitals in particular often require buy-in from various departments and committees when choosing new vendors and suppliers, and a medical call center is no exception.

Identifying your facility’s stakeholders and decisionmakers is crucial, especially so you can understand their priorities and expectations before engaging with potential medical call center service providers.

How Well Does the Medical Call Center Service Support HIPAA Compliance and Confidentiality?

Trusting an outside company to handle your medical call center is not just a matter of ensuring that they will protect and support your brand, but also to ensure that they can fully support HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality.

Who are Your Patients?

Although your call center may serve all of your patients, you might have  specific demographics (e.g., seniors) or conditions/treatments for which you anticipate more frequent call volumes. Having a firm grasp on this is important because it prepares you to determine if your call center service has the resources and experience to satisfy your patients.

Where are You and Your Patients Located?

Geography is an often overlooked concept for finding the best medical call center. For instance:

• Do your patients live exclusively within your state, or do you serve multiple states or regions?

• Do you serve areas that have a high percentage of people that speak languages other than English?

When Would You Expect to Use Your Medical Call Center Service?

Some busy hospitals may choose to have a 24/7 medical call center, as where a smaller clinic may prefer to only have an after-hours medical call center.

When Would You Want to Launch Your Medical Call Center Service?

How soon would you want to start using a medical call center service? Would it be a phased rollout that would first use the call center for after-hours but then would eventually become a full-time service?

Who Will be Responsible for Coordination Between Your Facility and the Call Center?

After you choose a medical center service, you will want to ensure a seamless transition, both with its introduction and regular transfers of incoming calls. Knowing who will be responsible for that coordination in advance will prepare you to gauge how much training and customer support will be needed from your service provider.

If you have more questions about how to choose a medical call center or would like more information about Sequence Health’s medical call center solutions, please contact us.