How Video Marketing Can Influence The Future Of Healthcare

How Video Marketing Is Influencing the Future of Healthcare

Video has long been used in healthcare; anyone who has sat through a training video in a back room knows that. However, medical video production has come a long way from those grainy VHS tapes.

Modern approaches can help you reach patients, empower staff, and serve as healthcare engagement solutions.

If the idea of engaging in video production is new to you, don’t feel overwhelmed. We are going to cover the basics so you can better understand how healthcare video marketing can help you.

Video Is an Appealing Medium

This is especially true when compared to long pieces of text. There is a misconception that people today read less than those in the past. In truth, they read more, but in different ways.

Given how much we rely on text to communicate, many people constantly consume small snippets—not long-form educational pieces.

Medical video production allows you to take pages of text and condense them into easy-to-consume videos that combine fun narration with engaging visuals. While they might take a little longer to produce than an essay, they will deliver the results you seek.

Patients Want to Learn

Modern patients aren’t interested in the outdated dynamic of an all-knowing doctor and an obedient client. They want to be informed and empowered when it comes to their healthcare. Videos are wonderful for this. You still get to control the narrative to a degree, helping patients get on board with the philosophy of medicine you follow, but they don’t feel as in the dark.

You Can Prep for Procedures

If you are a specialist, you likely have a limited number of procedures you perform, and before each of these, you need you patients and their support people to be informed on what to expect.

Rather than spending a lot of time giving the same speeches over and over, you can create customized video guides for each procedure, communicating the information they need in a fun and friendly way. It is an amazing healthcare engagement solution.

Be the Influencer You Wish Existed

The idea of being both a medical provider and an influencer might seem a little strange, but there are quite a few who are not only making it work, but genuinely changing the face of healthcare while they do it.

These doctors are getting patients excited about their own health and helping them come into the office feeling informed and ready to get to work. You can really put your practice on the map with the right content.

The future of video marketing is bright. You just need the right approach. Sequence Health guides providers in their medical marketing strategies, including video-based and interactive content.