Is your practice mobile-friendly? It needs to be!

Is your practice mobile-friendly? It needs to be!The technology start-up industry is seeing an uptick in entrepreneurs who want to help younger generations’ consumers use technology to solve their health care needs.

In a recent post, technology news publication GigaOM says that as new consumers are becoming of age to pay for health care, they are using new and improved methods to acquire information, and it’s mostly mobile. It says that Generation Y (also known as The Millennials, and, most recently, Generation C for “Content”), which makes up about a quarter of the current U.S. population, is also responsible for 33% of tablet ownership and 39% of smart phone ownership in America. Due, in large part, to these figures, many new technology start-up companies are catering to their needs — digitally, including new digital communities for sharing and socializing, better ways to connect patients and providers, and new-found health data providers.

As if you needed another reason to establish a mobile website, smart phone-makers and software companies have been putting extra work into improving mobile web browsing software. Most recently, Google made its popular internet browser, Chrome, available in free mobile form, which is sure to attract its loyal desktop following.

This is a major wake-up call to health care providers everywhere that a new type of consumer is emerging, and he or she is going to be looking online for information about your practice — or someone else’s. So it’s time for your practice to present itself with a professional, effective mobile website.

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