Patients are not happy with hospital care, says new poll

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Patients are not happy with hospital care, says new poll In a recent study, NPR found that people who have been hospitalized recently considered their care to be very costly and not up to quality standards.

Sick In America,” as NPR is calling it, exposes the numbers behind patients’ recent experiences and their feedback, and the results have some hospitals double-thinking their care.

Overwhelmingly, patients found communication and time spent with patients to be the biggest areas hospitals lack in.

Among 291 patients who had been seriously ill and hospitalized overnight at least one night in the last year:

  • 34% said nurses were not available when they needed them or did not respond quickly to requests for assistance
  • 30% said that there was poor communication among the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals involved in their care
  • 24% said doctors, nurses and health care professionals did not communicate information about their condition or treatment clearly to them or a family member

Also to be noted, 3 out of 5 patients today feel like their doctor is rushing through their exam.

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