Rethinking Your EMR System

emr system

As a kid I remember spending hours planning imaginary road trips using the Rand McNally Atlas. I was an only child and had to entertain myself somehow. Living in North Carolina, I would plan trips to Laramie, Wyo., Pierre, S.D., excursions into Mexico and to exotic locales such as Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

I meticulously carved out the route from my home to my selected destination, much like we do today by typing in our starting and ending point in a GPS or some other navigational system.  The old paper atlas of my youth has gone digital, much like our medical records.Rethinking Your EMR System

However, unlike simply pushing a couple of keys on the screen embedded in the dashboard of your car, the transition from paper to digital when it comes to electronic medical records (EMR) has been anything but smooth. The government-led transformation of healthcare information has become a taxing process for the healthcare industry.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, office-based physicians using an EMR increased from 48 percent in 2009 to 78 percent last year. However, some medical practices are still using the old paper format.

One of the major solutions to increasing patient engagement is an EMR system. Doctors are aware of this and most are eager to go digital. The goal of an EMR system is to make the process of patient recordkeeping easier, more accurate, more comprehensive and more efficient. It helps enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes.

However, many doctors are not happy with their current system.

In an article appearing on, American Medical Association President Steven Stack called electronic health records systems as “infuriating and cumbersome.”

Healthcare professionals agree with Stack’s opinion.

“We’re basically key-punch operators, transcriptionists having to input the data ourselves,” said James Gilbaugh, a physician in Wichita. “It has essentially tripled the time to complete a medical record. How do you accomplish that when we are already working 12 to 14 hours a day?” Gilgaugh’s contemporaries echo the Kansas doctor’s sentiments about EMR systems. In this year’s national survey by the MPI Group and Medical Economics, 70 percent of physicians described their EMR investment as not worth the effort, resources and cost.

The main complaint (67 percent) was the functionality of the system, followed by cost (48 percent) and poor customer service from the EMR vendor (33 percent).

Instead of making the doctor’s office run more efficiently, the EMR system is becoming problematic. In terms of quality of care made possible by EMR use, 45 percent of physicians reported their EMR system made patient care worse. A staggering 69 percent said their current system posed an even greater threat to care coordination.

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