The Skinny on the Fattest States

The Skinny on the Fattest States

The United States has become the land of fatties. That is no secret. We live in excess and the majority live sedentary existence. The only exercise we get is walking from the parking lot into work, to the bathroom and an occasional trip to the office vending machine for sugary snacks and soft drinks.

According to an annual report from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and Trust for America’s Health, obesity is becoming an epidemic in the last 30-plus years.

In 1980 no state had an adult obesity rate more than 15 percent. In its most recent study, the RWJF revealed every state has more than 20 percent of its population over weight. Colorado is the big winner with a 21.3 percent obesity rate, the lowest in the country.

The heaviest state, according to the report, was a tie between Mississippi and West Virginia at 35.1 percent. Rounding out the top five fattest states were: Arkansas (34.6 percent), Tennessee (33.7 percent) and Kentucky (33.2 percent).

“If we don’t reverse these trends, the nation will stay on course toward disastrous health and cost outcomes,” says Ginny Ehrlich, director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s childhood obesity team.

The average American is 24 pounds heavier that his or her counterpart a half century ago. Non-obese adults are becoming the minority in America, and childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years.

Obese children are becoming obese adults. While diet and exercise may work for some, others struggle with morbid obesity and need the assistance of your bariatric practice to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

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