What Is A Medical Marketing Funnel And How Can It Help Your Practice?

What Is A Medical Marketing Funnel And How Can It Help Your Practice?

Medical marketing strategies range from having an effective website to your advertising, digital marketing, educational videos, and more.

However, when it comes to driving more qualified leads to your medical business, understanding the medical marketing funnel is of the utmost importance.

So in this article, let’s talk about what a medical marketing funnel is. That way you can implement a great strategy for your business that improves customer outcomes and grows your brand.

The Benefits Of A Medical Marketing Funnel

Having a medical marketing funnel in place has several benefits. Here’s why to use medical marketing funnels:

Attract more leads

Generating leads is ultimately the most important part of any health practice. If you don’t have any patients to serve, then you can’t hire doctors and support staff.

That being said, when you have a funnel, the first step of that funnel is to attract new and potential patients to your company.

Explain your services

Having a strategic marketing funnel for your medical practice helps you explain what you do at a high level. You can get into details about the differences and advantages between what you offer versus the competition.

This ultimately can set you apart in a competitive health field.

Capture data and feedback

A marketing funnel can help you capture user behavior, engagement, and direct feedback in the form of surveys.

You can also create a follow-up system via a marketing funnel. This allows you to stay engaged with your customers.

Ultimately, you can let your patients tell you exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. You can design new services and offerings around that direct market feedback

That being said, let’s talk about what a medical marketing funnel entails.

Medical Marketing Funnel: What Is It?

A medical marketing funnel can be strategized in four parts. Let’s talk about the four categories of the funnel step-by-step.


In the awareness stage, you’re ultimately simply trying to get brand exposure. You’re trying to help more patients know that you exist, where you’re located, and what services you offer. Someone at this stage may not even be aware that they have a problem.

For instance, if they have back pain, they may not be aware of the symptoms that indicate that they could have a serious issue that’s worth seeing a doctor for.


At this stage, someone has to understand that they have a problem, but now they need to be convinced that there are actually solutions that can help them.

Therefore, this is the time to tell them that your solutions can potentially help the problems, pain, or symptoms that they’re feeling. It’s one of the most important marketing strategies for the medical field.


At the conversion stage, this is where you ask someone to come in for an appointment, see a specialist, or even follow up on an appointment.

Ultimately, you’re taking mere thoughts and ideas and turning it into action.


Obviously, churn is something that can negatively affect your hospital or healthcare practice.

The more patients you retain for follow ups and repeat services, the higher your revenues will be. This ultimately expands your offerings, investments in equipment, and more. Therefore, retention is an important part of funnels because it focuses on building that patient relationship over the long run.

That being said, let’s talk about the different stages of a funnel.

The stages of a funnel

There are three primary stages of a funnel:

The top stage

This is related to awareness. This is where you’re simply trying to create a broad message that starts to have a conversation meeting the patients where they’re at. Middle funnel.

The middle stage

At the middle funnel of the stage, you’re starting to nurture patients. You’re starting to provide comparisons, more detailed information about your services, and additional education. This also grows trust between you and the patient.

The bottom stage

This is where patients become converted. They become loyal to your practice, doctors, and medical care.

In the next section, let’s talk about some specific tactics that go into marketing funnels.

Specific marketing funnel tactics

While there is a near infinite amount of tactics you use in your marketing funnel, there are a few that are particularly powerful. Let’s cover how to use medical marketing funnels:

Medical call centers

Call centers can take inbound calls, outcome calls, schedule appointments, follow-ups, and even verify insurance. This is incredibly important for all stages of your funnel.

Blog posts

People can find you online and read about your offerings and other things on your website.


This can help take complex information and turn it into something that’s easy to understand.

Radio, billboard, and TV ads

Classic advertising still works incredibly well for health centers. Leveraging these is an important part of marketing when it comes to your funnel.

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