What Is the Difference Between BPO and a Call Center?

What Is the Difference Between BPO and a Call Center?

The healthcare sector frequently looks to both business process outsourcing (BPO) and call centers to improve efficiency and customer service. The key question is: Which aligns best with your specific goals? BPO offers a broader range of outsourced services, while call centers focus on direct customer interactions.

Diving Into BPO and Call Center Services

BPO refers to the outsourcing of various healthcare-related tasks, such as human resources and customer service, to a third-party provider. Interestingly, a BPO entity can also function as a call center when it deals specifically with telecommunication services.

On the flip side, call centers are specialized in handling patient inbound and outbound calls. They are often seen as the voice of the medical facility, addressing customer inquiries, sales, and support. Distinguishing itself, the contact center represents an evolution, embracing multiple channels of communication beyond calls, such as emails and live chat.

The Core Differences

Let’s delve deeper into some of the factors that set these two services apart.

Business Goals and Aspirations

The difference between BPO and call center services first becomes apparent through their objectives. BPOs are often strategic partners that medical centers rely on for a broad spectrum of services aimed at driving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the quality of operations. In contrast, call centers focus on improving customer satisfaction, expanding customer reach, and, sometimes, directly contributing to sales and revenue through dedicated teams.

Nature and Scope of Services

The range of services offered by BPOs is extensive, covering both front-office tasks like customer interaction and back-office functions such as accounting and IT support. Call centers, however, are dedicated to managing customer communications through phone calls. Whether it’s handling inquiries, offering support, or conducting sales, their services are tailored to enhance the customer experience directly.

Level of Involvement and Integration

The partnership dynamics also highlight the BPO and call center differences. BPOs engage in a more integrated collaboration with businesses, aiming for long-term goals and often becoming an integral part of the operational strategy. Call centers can be either an in-house operation focused on specific customer service tasks or an outsourced service for managing customer calls efficiently.

Beyond the Basics

While both BPO and call center services aim to enhance healthcare operations and patient satisfaction, they cater to different aspects of healthcare needs. For healthcare organizations, navigating these choices becomes even more critical. This is where Sequence Health steps in with its specialized healthcare call center solutions. Our expertise ensures that your patient calls are answered promptly, professionally, and in accordance with your specific protocols. Contact us today to see how we can support your goals.