With InContact, MDNet Call Center Increases Service Level to 80%

Fielding more than 1,600 calls per day, our Call Center reps needed a more stable network for call volume, as well as agent scripts with a dynamic call flow application. With the new cloud-based software platform from InContact, the team can now reach patients through multiple channels (text, live chat, email, or phone) from one single interface, and customize their calls to better address the unique needs of each patient.

Brian Malone, Call Center Operations Manager, explains: “With InContact, we’re now able to set various decision points cued by information relevant to the individual, based on the specific practice’s standards. For example, some of our bariatric practices won’t accept anyone with a BMI higher than 35. If we’re talking with a person whose BMI is greater than what that practice allows, we can now key it into the InContact system and instantly provide them with alternatives and offer viable options. Now the calls are running much smoother for our agents, and the patients are receiving detailed, relevant information much more quickly.”

Prior to adopting the InContact platform, our service level — the percentage of incoming calls answered within 30 seconds — hovered between a high 60s and low 70s average. Now a nimble, multifaceted communications hub, our service level has consistently increased and now sits around 80%. Brian remarked, “We were digging ditches with spoons without these tools. I’m so pleased with ours reps and how much they’ve improved in just a few weeks.”