MDNetSolutions Acquires IVR Care Transition Systems

MDnetSolutions, a leader in developing solutions to increase patient engagement, streamline patient management processes and improve outcomes management, today announced the acquisition of IVR Care Transition Systems™, which specializes in healthcare support for patients transitioning to home from a hospital stay.

The purchase of the privately held IVR Care Transition Systems, based in Birmingham, Ala., further increases MDnetSolutions’ ability to transform patient care and help healthcare professionals remain actively engaged with the patient across the entire healthcare continuum of care from initial contact to post-operative appointments.

Alan Creighton, CEO of MDnetSolutions, summed up the acquisition this way: “The acquisition of IVR CTS allows MDnet to extend its value position to healthcare professionals who want to engage patients, improve outcomes, reduce costs and increase patient satisfaction. I am excited about the opportunity to offer the suite of products and services of IVR CTS to our current and prospective customer base.”

Founded in 2011, the privately held IVR Care Transition Systems provides support for patients making the transition from the hospital to home. The goal is to reduce preventable hospital readmissions and emergency department visits by increasing the level of engagement between patients and their healthcare team.  This allows providers to identify clinical issues and address them when they first occur.  As a result, outcomes and care quality improve and significant cost savings are realized.

“I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to become part of the MDnetSolutions team in working toward effective and meaningful solutions to the challenges facing patients and clinical staff in optimizing care deliver and realizing improved health outcomes” said Heather J. Sobko, CEO and Founder of IVR CTS.  “The acquisition will enable IVR CTS to enhance its capabilities in effectively supporting patients during transitions of care and will provide a new and improved infrastructure that allows for seamless integration with existing MDnet products and services as well as electronic medical record systems and other electronic tools being used in clinical settings.  MDnet is a dynamic and innovative leader in the industry and I welcome this new chapter in my career with expectations that together, we will achieve great things!”

Using an interactive voice response telephone system and carefully developed surveys, members of the IVR care team gather vital information from the patient such as early signs and symptoms of clinical problems, issues or questions about medication management and need for support with follow-up care after hospital discharge.
Survey responses are communicated to a healthcare team through a secure network and reviewed on a daily basis. If responses trigger a warning sign, a healthcare professional will follow up with a personal phone call to the patient, providing an opportunity for early intervention of potential problems.

The system is designed to triage responses to those patients in need of support while providing continuous monitoring for patients who do not require follow-up clinical phone calls.

The acquisition bolsters MDnetSolutions medical boutique call center, LeadTracker and HIPAA-compliant NurseLine.  MDnetSolutions acquisition of IVR Care Transition Systems also improves patient access to care across geographic boundaries.