Sequence Health Launches New Interactive Learning Center To Engage Patients As Well As Clients

Sequence Health recently launched a new interactive learning center to help clients maximize the performance of the Sequence patient management platform. The goal is to empower facilities to build stronger patient relationships by ensuring a comprehensive understanding of every feature and capability of the platform. New interactive content in the learning center includes videos, guides, common questions and live training sessions.

Through a training calendar, users of the Sequence platform will be able to register and ask questions during live online training sessions that occur monthly starting in June. In addition to these sessions, videos, additional training materials and answers to common questions will be available to support new and veteran users of Sequence.

“We want our clients to get the most out of our platform, and this interactive learning center will help them to do just that,” said John Richmond, CEO of Sequence Health. “This approach will empower our users to learn at their own pace, in an on-demand informal environment designed to help increase absorption and retention. It’s augmented by live sessions where our clients can share any challenges and discover new features that will help them realize their own business goals. I’m excited about the launch of our Learning Center and hope that it will enhance how our clients work with our system.”

A sample of videos in the interactive Learning Center include a product tour, a demonstration of how to add a new patient and an explanation of how a facility can add tracking and integration of online seminars. Guides include an overview of patient engagement and communication, how to use Sequence Health’s Care Transition System (CTS) to assess a patient’s progress following a procedure, and how to use the Sequence analytics and reporting capability to gain meaningful insight into patient activity.

“It’s our hope that through this new content, clients will be able to leverage our system further to build even stronger relationships with their patient community,” stated Richmond. “We’ve handed them the keys to a comprehensive platform for patient engagement, and these guides will be the key to driving our technology at full speed.”

About Sequence Health

Sequence Health is a cloud-based technology and services company that improves profitability and patient outcomes for hospitals and practices through end-to-end patient engagement solutions backed by clinical and non-clinical teams. Its HIPAA-compliant, SaaS platform improves care team workflows, automates patient communication and tracks patient progress to optimize the patient journey.  Since 2004, leading healthcare providers have trusted Sequence Health to help acquire, manage and engage patients through complex episodes of care.