Sequence Health Shares Engagement and Reimbursement Tips With The Media

For the past few weeks, all eyes have been on healthcare, and there has been a great deal of interest from providers on how to attract and convert patients. At Sequence Health, we know the answers to many of those questions, and we are happy to share it. Here is a sampling of the media outlets that have turned to us to help provide this important and highly sought after information.

American Marketing Association: 4 Essential Web Optimization Practices to Boost Health Care Conversions

Today’s patients are more empowered than ever. We know that they won’t tolerate hold times on telephones or long waits in provider waiting rooms, but solving these problems only helps after patients have already decided to make an appointment. Engaging them effectively starts much earlier, in a discipline many health care do not have decades of experience with: marketing. Sequence Health shares four tips that providers can implement now to draw patients in.

Internet Health Management: Automated Texting Can Improve Patient Management And Outcomes

How many times have you received a call reminding you of an appointment that you completely forgot you ever made? As we rely more and more on technology to help organize our lives, this is becoming a common occurrence. Text messaging is quickly usurping voice as the primary method of communication for consumers and providers should be engaging patients on this channel. Sequence Health CTO Gopi Yeleswarapu shows how automated text messaging improves both care and patient loyalty.

Health Data Management: Platform helps bariatric patients stay on track for procedures

Patients considering complex treatment options convert at much higher rates when they are fully engaged with providers from the initial research phase all the way through recovery. Dropping the ball anywhere loses conversion opportunities. Health Data Management explains how Sequence Health helped Fresno Heart and Surgical Center move patients along their care journeys for bariatric surgery through engagement that begins the moment they start seeking information.

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends: Effective Patient Management Strategies Provide Better Quality of Care and Return on Marketing Dollars

Healthcare is a continuum where different patients require different engagement at different times. Effectively nurturing patients through the entire journey requires multiple strategies executed simultaneously that account for forks in the path. Sequence Health shares specific tactics for keeping patients on track and how to build a safety net to rekindle interest with re-engagement campaigns to target patients that fall out of the process.

Becker’s Hospital Review: 4 Steps to maximize reimbursements under Medicare’s CJR initiative

Value-based reimbursement is a reality that is beginning to impact not only providers that deal primarily with Medicare, but large private payers as well. Medicare’s pilot program implementing this reimbursement policy in its Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model is more than a year old, and Sequence Health is on the forefront of helping providers optimize reimbursement under it. Sequence Health CEO John Richmond shares four important lessons for any provider that wants to get paid under these new rules about to sweep the industry.

Ragan’s Healthcare Communication News: Using online education to improve patient experiences

When was the last time you Googled your symptoms? Almost everybody does it, and hospitals know that almost half of the visits to their websites come from search engine queries. With so much information out there, it’s no wonder that many clinicians spend time correcting incorrect information patients come in with. These same providers are in unique positions to present the correct information on their websites — but just presenting it isn’t enough. Sequence Health Director of Marketing and Creative Kris Altiere explains how to engage patients with online education that helps them not only learn the right information, but retain it.

As healthcare continues to evolve, Sequence Health will be there to share insights that help providers improve outcomes for patients and profitability for the practice. Keep watching for more tips to help your practice attract and retain the best patients.