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Strategies that drive qualified leads to your website

Medical Websites

Today’s Problem: You know there’s so many more potential leads that can be found online, but you don’t know how to reach them. You’ve hired a digital marketing team to run your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, but they can’t seem to hone in on your target audience and get you more leads.

There are some leads clicking over to your website or landing pages, but they are not converting once they are there. You’re sinking money into PPC strategies that aren’t yielding good results. What now?

Medical Websites

Our Solutions: Sequence Health’s digital marketing team has the perfect combination of what it takes to launch a successful medical PPC campaign. Not only do we use proven PPC strategies, we know the healthcare market and this is what makes the difference!


For more than a decade, we’ve been helping healthcare organizations significantly increase their lead intake and conversions because we understand their specific target audience. We can do the same for you.

We know what keywords your potential leads are looking for so you appear in their search. We know how to create compelling healthcare ads that will make leads want to ‘click’ through to your website or landing pages.

Another integral part of a PPC campaign is understanding google’s algorithm which is complex and ever changing. You can be sure that our team will stay abreast of google’s complex updates ensuring your campaign has all the tools needed to be successful.

We know how to create relevant and engaging medical content for your website and landing pages backed up with powerful design, driving more lead intake and conversions.

Medical PPC Marketing Services

Our PPC marketing services include:

  • Paid search campaigns

  • Paid social media campaigns

  • Brand development

  • Google AdWords management

  • Google Local Services

  • Bing Ads

  • YouTube marketing campaigns

  • Landing page creation

  • Display ads management

There are definitely nuances to each healthcare specialty and our team understands this which is why we take the time to learn all about you and what you offer patients. This is an invaluable way to find targeted keywords that your leads are looking for making for a successful and impactful medical PPC campaign.

No matter what your specialty is from bariatric surgery to orthopedics to women’s health, no matter what type of healthcare organization you are, we can help you capture more leads from your patient population.

When you choose Sequence Health for your medical PPC management services, we won’t just make a few small tweaks to your paid search campaigns and call it a day. Instead, our deep dive and in-depth analysis can determine a brand new trajectory for your marketing mission, allowing us to lay the framework for long-term success.