Print AdvertisingMedical Print Advertising

Don’t underestimate the power of print. This traditional marketing tool still has an important role. It can round out your marketing strategy nicely.

The beauty of online advertising is that possible leads can see your ads over and over again 24/7, unlike traditional radio or tv spots which last only seconds during a scheduled spot.

Sequence Health can maximize your online exposure with this affordable, but extremely valuable advertising tool.

Publication Ads

Sequence Health will help you choose print publications (magazines and newspapers) that appeal to your target audience, as well as recommend ad size and strategic placement in the chosen publication.

Our team will handle content and design resulting in beautiful print ads that are sure to be noticed!

Organization Collateral

It’s really important to have branded print materials that potential leads can pick up and take with them! They must be an attention grabber with great messaging, great design and great branding, otherwise they’ll end up in the nearest trash.

Sequence Health creates compelling print material that your target audience will want to hold on to! End caps are also a great, affordable marketing tool when strategically placed in a busy area.

Direct Mail

Don’t undervalue the power of snail mail. Yes, it may not be the coolest, hippest way to reach an audience these days, but it is effective.

People still look at their mail and you want your mailer to stand out from the heap which is why you want Sequence Health to create something wonderfully tangible on nice paper with terrific messaging and great design. Leads will want to hold on to your mailer until they are ready to act.

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