Online AdvertisingOnline Healthcare Advertising & Marketing

These days a large portion of healthcare research is done online, so you want to make sure to take advantage of this optimal environment filled with potential leads.

The beauty of online advertising is that possible leads can see your ads over and over again 24/7, unlike traditional radio or tv spots which last only seconds during a scheduled spot.

Sequence Health can maximize your online exposure with this affordable, but extremely valuable advertising tool.

Social Media Ads

Get your name out there! Video or banner ads can be posted on your social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) for current followers to see or be used in a paid ad campaign. It’s super competitive online which is why you need well-done ads!

It’s been shown that you have three seconds to get someone’s attention, otherwise they’ll keep on scrolling.

Promotional Videos

Online videos are everywhere and people still can’t get enough. A well-done healthcare video is worth its weight in gold. Promotional videos can involve any aspect of your healthcare organization from what you do and what you offer to testimonials from patients or clients.

These videos can live on your website and social media… leading to view after view which leads to lead after lead!

Targeted Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to reach back out to leads or patients who have dropped off, as well as reach potential new leads! People get tons of emails every day… so your email has to stick out from the rest and this is where we come in.

Sequence Health will create great messaging and an eye-catching layout for your email campaign, so leads aren’t so quick to move on to the next email in their inbox.

Engage the recipient even more by including a Sequence Health produced video for impact. We will handle your entire email campaign including sending out your emails and tracking them.