Best Practices for Healthcare Advertising on Instagram

Best Practices for Healthcare Advertising on Instagram

One of our top 10 healthcare marketing tips in 2020 was to embrace social media. This hasn’t changed in 2021. And one of the best ways to get into social is through healthcare Instagram advertising.

Why Instagram?

For many healthcare companies, bridging the gap between themselves and prospective patients is difficult. We are in an age where people are quite skeptical of medical providers or jaded based on poor experiences. Success on social media relies on your ability to get past that skepticism and connect with people.

Instagram is all about the personal connection. Medical Instagram accounts help people see practices as families, and see healthcare as something warm and welcoming. Of course, your success depends upon doing it right.

Tips for Instagram Medical Accounts

With any social media effort, you need to engage in best practices. But what are those for Instagram healthcare pages? We suggest the following.

Be Personable, Not Personal

Your professional Instagram account should read professional, but warm and accessible. This is very different from the tone of a personal page. While you want patients to feel like they are getting to know you, never forget your professionalism.

Use Your Profile Info

Your Instagram business profile should have all the information a patient might need to work with you. This includes your hours, location, phone number, and services you offer. Be sure to set up the contact button as well.

Follow Other Healthcare Accounts

You want to become part of the Instagram healthcare community, and part of that is following other accounts. Target those that are in your sphere and don’t be afraid to engage with those accounts. It’s a great way to learn from others.

Vary Your Content

A lot of medical practices fall into the trap of creating Instagram medical accounts that are just one infographic after the other. You need to switch up your content if you have any hope of garnering engagement. Some types of posts to include are:

• Quick videos explaining relevant topics
• Before and after treatment photos (get permission)
• Inspirational quotes related to healthcare
• Commentary on notable medical news
• Explanations of new research• Tips and tricks for wellness

Figure Out Those Hashtags

Finally, one of the only ways to get discovered on Instagram is through hashtags, so make sure you are using the right ones—and verify what they are actually about to avoid embarrassing situations.
For more information about the best healthcare advertising practices, contact Sequence Health.

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