Contact Center Quality Assurance: What It Is And How It Works

Contact Center Quality Assurance: What It Is And How It Works

Call centers are incredibly helpful for your medical center in order to improve patient outcomes and enhance your internal systems.

That being said, there are certain strategies that need to be adhered to. Otherwise, quality results and efficiency could drop off. Let’s talk about call center quality assurance and why it’s so important. We’ll also talk about some of the ways to enhance the QA in your medical call center.

What Is Call Center QA (Quality Assurance)?

Call center quality assurance, also known as call center quality management, is when companies make sure that the patient experience aligns with the goals of the medical facility as well. It’s important for keeping patients happy and also ensuring your own success.

This also can help patients maintain loyalty over the long term. There are certain aspects to quality assurance such as first call resolution, empathy in the agent, the correct script tonality, language, and word choices, efficiency, and loyalty.

Call Center Quality Assurance Guidelines

Review Periods

Every so often you should have a review period where you look at the KPIs and ensure that your organization is adhering to the standards that you set out.

After all, it’s one thing to set a standard, it’s another thing to follow through with it. So you should ensure that all of your agents are sticking to the rules of the scripts.

Patient Retention

The more patients you lose, the more patients you need to bring in via acquisition. This can create financial costs that can be difficult to surmount.

So part of your quality assurance is looking at how many patients are retained. After all, if you’re doing the right things, then your patient retention rate should be going up.

In addition, ensure you are getting patient feedback consistently. For more information on its importance and how to garner feedback, read this next.

Reputation Online

Having an online presence is important, such as having a great website and social media presence. You should also be looking for online evaluations, ratings, reviews, and of course testimonials.

Try to identify good reviews and bad reviews from previous patients. If there is a common thread in things that you need to improve upon, then that means that your quality assurance has a long way to go.

Ensure Your Medical Call Center Is State Of The Art

A healthcare call center should be more than simply people answering phones. From appointment scheduling to reducing churn to enhancing health outcomes, a healthcare call center can truly achieve significant results.

So reach out to Sequence Health today. Let’s ensure that quality assurance guidelines are always met with any aspect of your medical call center services.