Healthcare Search Marketing Solutions & Trends for 2020

Healthcare Search Marketing Solutions & Trends for 2020

Healthcare marketing has changed a lot over the past decade. Now we’re entering a new decade, and it’s an exciting time for healthcare businesses doing Internet marketing!

By taking advantage of the following healthcare marketing trends for 2020, your business can grow with the times without being left in the dust. Check them out!

Changes in SEO for Healthcare Marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, changes more rapidly every year. As Google’s big brain aims to assist users by giving them the most relevant results, typical SEO techniques have been largely overtaken by a focus on the user experience.

A few things to note for 2020:

Content is King

People have been saying “content is king” for years now. However, it’s never been more true than it is now. When considering the user search experience, Google wants users to find exactly what they’re looking for when they’re searching on their platform. They promote content that is high quality and decisive, giving the user exactly what they want.

When creating content for healthcare marketing, keep keywords in mind. These keywords will expose what people actually want to know when they search for that term. As always, aim for the long tail, and give people the content they want. Authoritative, correct, and informational. But never forget your business’s main objective!

Healthcare search marketing content should revolve around answering the questions patients and clients actually want to know. They want to learn about their relevant health conditions, or how your products and services will help them. Answer these questions informatively and with authority.

Infographics: Rank for Image Search

Infographics have spread in the late 2010s, and their use isn’t going away. People want content that is condensed, easy to understand, and quick to digest. Infographics fit this bill exactly.

Best of all, infographics often end up prioritized in Image Search because of how many people click on them.

Use them to make excellent content even easier to digest. For example, if you want to talk about the benefits of a medical device or service, you can include many different statistics and charts to show how it helps people treat their conditions or solve their problems.

Video: Not Just Youtube

People watch more video content every year. Video content has become the focus on many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Videos have become prioritized on those social networks, and people share more and more video every day!

By producing high quality video content, you can more effectively spread your message in a condensed form that keeps the user’s attention. But video quality is not just about how good the camera or studio is: in fact, vertical video shot with smartphones have become commonplace even for businesses and personality brands!

For your healthcare business, people respond to personal authorities on video. Having someone who acts as an ‘influencer’ for your business, while having the authority to speak on advanced healthcare topics, could be your saving grace for a good video campaign.

Most of all, remember how your content strategy fits into your business’s objective. Use your content, including videos and infographics, to help bring people into your funnel and segment your potential prospects.