How Chronic Care Management Can Improve your Bottom Line

How Chronic Care Management Can Improve your Bottom Line

Roughly 130 million Americans have some form of chronic illness—and that number continues to grow each year. To meet the needs of this segment of the population, chronic care management (CCM) programs have been implemented by healthcare providers across the country.

CCM in the healthcare industry was developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS). A quality CCM program can revolutionize the lives of patients struggling with managing their conditions. But what is less talked about is how chronic care management can improve your bottom line.

Ways CCM Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Reliable Revenue

The whole idea behind chronic care management is that it is consistent care delivered to patients who need it. Once you take on a patient and establish their CCM program, they are likely to be working with you for the rest of their lives. This can help pad out the other patients you are working with on a less frequent basis.

Options for Outsourcing

Most CCM program services are not rendered in person and can be offered by staff other than medical doctors. In many cases, CCM programs focus on things like goal setting, monitoring, and assisting patients with things they can do on their own to manage their conditions. How CCM helps your bottom line in this situation comes down to the savings of outsourcing by appointment rather than paying a full-time or even part-time staff member.

Improved Patient Outcomes

People with chronic conditions need regular care. However, with standard office visits, most providers cannot see their patients more than once a quarter. CCMs help provide patients with the level and frequency of attention they need. This includes care coordination, regular check-ins, help with prescriptions, and the chance to really talk with a healthcare provider.

As a result, patients are happier with the care they receive, feeling more seen and being better positioned to manage their condition. The way chronic care management helps your bottom line in this instance is by leaving patients feeling more positive about your practice, positioning them to continue working with you and recommend other patients.

Chronic care management is essentially another way to package services you already provide while making them more profitable for you and more beneficial for your patients. If you are interested in setting up CCM programs for your patients, it can become part of your package with your healthcare advertising agency.

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