Problems That Healthcare Technology Can Solve

Problems That Healthcare Technology Can Solve

Technology has radically changed every industry—healthcare is no exception. But these advancements don’t stop at robot-assisted surgery or advancements in prosthetic limbs—they cover everything from diagnosis and treatment to managing patient flow.

Thanks to the pandemic, developments in technological solutions for healthcare has accelerated at a rapid pace, racing to meet the needs of people stuck in their homes or rural communities due to lockdown.

But what are problems that healthcare technology can solve? And how could these solutions change the way your practice operates?

Problem: Maintaining Compliance

HIPAA is always at the top of any medical professional’s mind, but there are many more agencies with regulations you need to stay on top of. From Medicare to the CDC, there is a lot to know and juggle. In most cases, regulations change faster than you can learn them.

Technology offers solutions for healthcare that makes it easier to keep track of what you need to do to be in compliance with the various regulatory agencies. From tracking apps to blockchain for patient forms, it makes it easier to avoid having things lost in the shuffle.

Problem: Removing Human Error

Computers aren’t perfect—we understand that. However, when it comes to processing paperwork, assigning tasks, and maintaining confidentiality, they tend to eliminate the vast majority of errors that humans introduce. Human error is the primary driver of healthcare problems and the need for solutions.

This ties into the issue of compliance as well. Where a human can easily send the wrong file to a patient with the same name, an automated system will look at the unique patient number and prevent a HIPAA violation.

Problem: Rural Healthcare

Like most industries, healthcare is centered in the cities and suburbs. But millions of Americans live in rural locations where the nearest hospital or doctor can be over an hour away.

Unlike those working in major metropolitan areas, these people cannot just pop over to the dermatologist on their lunch break.

Telemedicine solutions have made it easier for healthcare providers to help this population. Through video chats, texting apps, and online patient portals, it is easier and more effective than ever before to treat patients at a distance. This is one solution to a healthcare problem that has long been needed.

Problem: Medical Marketing

Medical practices can no longer rely on word-of-mouth to survive. Now, you need medical marketing strategies that cover a variety of media.

Technology can help make your marketing and branding easier to manage. From tools that determine the keywords for your healthcare SEO to tracking which services most interest your website visitors, there is a lot tech can do for you.

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