The Basics Of Medical Insurance Verification

The Basics Of Medical Insurance Verification

When it comes to running your healthcare organization, medical insurance verification is one of the most important aspects that you can optimize. That being said, there are a lot of questions surrounding what this entails and how best to go about it.

For instance, should you outsource to a third party like Sequence Health or should you try to do it yourself? So in this blog post, let’s talk about what medical insurance verification is and why a healthcare call center could potentially be the right strategy for you.

What Is Insurance Verification?

When you check the status of a patient’s insurance coverage, that’s what’s typically considered insurance verification. You also see their eligibility for that service. You can confirm the following:

  • – If a policy expires
  • – If they’re in-network
  • – If a procedure is covered with their benefits
  • – How much of that procedure is covered?
  • – If the patient has an active policy

Insurance verification is incredibly important to perform before you render any services to a patient.

After all, you have to understand how they’re going to handle it financially. Otherwise, they may be put in a difficult position to pay out of pocket or go into debt.

How Does The Insurance Verification Process Work?

There are two ways to go about the insurance verification process. You can try to do it in-house. This involves an incredible amount of overhead, time, and hassle. A much easier way to do this is to outsource to a third-party company like Sequence Health.

We can provide insurance verification via our healthcare call center. We’ll call the patients on your behalf and verify all the information mentioned above.

This makes it zero work for you to allow you to focus on serving patients at the highest level based on your core competencies. In the meantime, we’ll handle all of the verification eligibility requirements.

What Must Be Verified Exactly When Verifying Insurance?

Medical insurance needs to be verified by identifying the person is who they say they are. We also must ensure that their insurance is valid, and then we have to ensure that their claim can be covered. These are all standard parts of the process.

Learn More About Medical Call Centers Today

If you have any questions, from medical insurance verification checklists, to how it works, to how to outsource it, we can help.

Reach out to the experts at Sequence Health today. Let’s ensure that you can improve patient outcomes and organizational efficiencies at the same time.