The Importance Of Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

The Importance Of Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

Managing a healthcare call center can be a burden for medical programs. That’s why outsourcing it to a professional firm like Sequence Health is a great option. That being said, you might wonder how the cloud affects call centers today.

Let’s talk about cloud-based call center technology versus traditional call centers. Then we’ll explore some of the exciting evolutions in this space.

How Cloud-Based Call Center Technology Differs From Traditional Call Centers

If you haven’t utilized a medical call center, read this post first. It will help you determine if it’s a beneficial step for your health practice.

But if you have hired a healthcare call center company in the past, they will likely use traditional methods.

Traditional call centers simply involved a room of agents with landline phones. The rise of automated features came along with cloud-based call center technology as well.

That’s what companies like Sequence Health excel in — bridging in-person patient care with digital automation to help your healthcare organization grow.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

Let’s look at some of the benefits of cloud-based call center technology:


The best cloud-based call center solutions are reliable no matter what the external circumstances are. Disaster recovery is an essential benefit of cloud-based call center providers. If there’s an internet outage, different VoIP phone lines can be used to ensure continuity.

Reduced Costs

Leveraging digital technology allows for reduced costs for call centers. This helps them pass that onto you as the healthcare operator. The reason is that virtual phone systems can create numerous phone numbers and automation techniques without breaking the bank.


You may only have one support number on your website. However, you can route this to several different departments. That way, the appropriate person is answering every incoming patient’s call.

Optimal Performance

You can collect data on incoming calls with cloud-based solutions. For instance, you may find that a certain geographic area makes more calls to your call center than others.

From here, you can plan staffing, scheduling, and more to serve patients at the highest level. This ultimately helps you improve productivity in your healthcare program while growing its ability to meet patient needs.

Security and Compliance

HIPAA compliance and other types of regulations in the healthcare field are essential for avoiding legal or financial consequences — not to mention keeping your patients’ best interests in mind. However, cloud-based technology allows you to maintain compliance in a much more streamlined fashion.

Identify Market Opportunities

You can learn more about your target audience using an omnichannel approach to your healthcare marketing. For example, you can better understand patients’ needs when your call center leverages CRMs and integrates them with other software.

Your organization may find increased symptoms or other health issues that need to be addressed based on your CRM’s analytics.

Learn About Cloud-Based Medical Call Center Solutions Today

If you’re looking for a cloud-based medical call center, then Sequence Health can help. We leverage cloud technology to ensure that your operations are efficient, HIPAA compliant, and effective in improving patient outcomes.

From call rerouting to call center agent optimization, we’ll ensure that all of your incoming calls are answered appropriately and quickly. As a result, your healthcare organization can confidently serve patients using cloud systems while meeting compliance and efficiency requirements. Reach out to learn more today.