5 Amazing Ways For Effective Healthcare SEO

5 Amazing Ways For Effective Healthcare SEO

As a healthcare provider, you know that it is important to be found on the internet. You also know that there are many different ways for potential patients to find your clinic or practice. Here are five creative ways to be more effective at healthcare SEO.

1. Get Blogging!

First, you can create a blog. A blog is an easy way for people to learn more about your practice and the services that you provide. You also do not have to be a blogger or writer by trade in order for it to work well for you! In fact, some of the most successful blogs are written simply with their target audience in mind (plus the right keywords for healthcare). Blogs give potential patients information on what they want and need without feeling like they’re being sold something at every turn-which will help them trust this new source of healthcare information online even more than before!

2. Branch Out into Social Media

Second, use social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook effectively. Social networks often times get overlooked when trying to increase exposure through organic search engine results pages (SERPs). However, social media is a great way to get your practice or clinic in front of more people. You can use hashtags and healthcare keywords on different platforms to increase visibility even further!

3. Be Sure Your About Us Is Up to Snuff

Third, make sure that you have an amazing About Us section for your website as part of your SEO strategy for medical clinics. It should be easy for potential patients to find out who you are as a healthcare provider, and it should also include everything that they need, from what kind of doctor you are down to how many locations you have throughout the city where their family members will be able to go if necessary.

Having this information readily available without forcing them off site with popups or intrusive ads shows credibility, which will help attract new patients using organic search results pages.

4. Embrace Visuals

Fourth, optimize images! Use relevant, compelling images that connect with your target audience. This can be done easily by looking at what other people in the healthcare industry are doing and using images similar to theirs if they seem to work well or creating your own unique visuals that help tell a story about who you are as an organization or clinic.

5. Focus on Local Searches

Fifth, optimize for local search results pages. Make sure that all of the information on your website is accurate when it comes to location! For example, make sure that both Google+ Local listings and Facebook’s directory listing have the correct address listed so potential patients will know exactly where you are located before even searching for clinics nearby them online.

You should also include business hours because this gives users peace of mind knowing that they will be able to come into your clinic or practice when it is convenient for them.

If this seems like too much to take on, hire a professional online reputation management company to increase visibility on social media platforms and build up reviews/testimonials across several directories locally. For the very best, turn to Sequence Health. And to learn more, read The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare SEO.