Difference Between Call Center Occupancy vs. Utilization?

Difference Between Call Center Occupancy vs. Utilization?

Call centers utilize different metrics to measure performance and results. They also use these indicators to monitor customer satisfaction and improve business operations. Occupancy vs. utilization are among the key performance indicators call centers use to track the time spent engaging customers, attending training sessions, or participating in other tasks. These concepts are strikingly similar but have slight differences, as highlighted below:

What Is Call Center Occupancy?

Call center occupancy is the time agents spend engaging customers in call-related tasks. It is the productive time a call center representative is active on the phone with clients. It can also include time spent on hold and time to complete forms, perform system upgrades, and make notes on customer accounts. The average occupancy in a healthcare call center or any other call center is about 80–85%.

What Is Call Center Utilization?

While occupancy measures the time spent engaging customers, call center utilization is the time spent completing various tasks like completing back-end operations, assisting other departments, and undertaking other company projects. It can also include attending training seminars and bathroom breaks. Utilization accounts for the total time a call center agent spends at the office, actively working.

Calculating Occupancy in Call Centers

Occupancy rates in call centers are very different from office space occupancy. Here is the formula for determining the average occupancy in a call center:

Total amount of time spent on call by an agent / Total time spent logged in * 100

For instance, if an agent spends 40 minutes on call and the time spent logged in is 60 minutes, the occupancy rate will be 40/60*100 = 67%.

Calculating Utilization in Call Centers

Occupancy and utilization in call centers have different formulas for determining average rates. However, occupancy rates might be taken into consideration when calculating utilization. Here is how to determine utilization rates in call centers:

Total time spent logged in / Total amount spent on shift * 100

For example, if the total time spent logged in is 6 hours and the total shift is 12 hours, the utilization rate is 6/12*100 = 50%.

The Importance of Occupancy vs. Utilization in Call Centers

Call center occupancy and utilization are vital aspects for tracking productivity. They determine how much time your call center agents are actively working to meet customer requirements. At Sequence Health, our healthcare call center is well-equipped and staffed to handle all your customer needs. This helps us achieve better occupancy and utilization rates. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.