How Does a Hospice Answering Service Work?

How Does a Hospice Answering Service Work?

Running a hospice business can be very demanding. As a hospice manager, you must support and empathize with your patients during challenging times while coordinating with healthcare providers and insurance companies. Considering how busy the role of a hospice manager can be, having an answering service is a great way to relieve some of the pressure that comes with the job.

What Is a Hospice Answering Service?

A hospice answering service is a specialized communication solution providing 24/7 assistance and support to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals involved in hospice care. Hospice answering services are similar to medical call center services in the sense that they provide round-the-clock support and coordinate patient care. However, unlike standard health call centers and contact centers, hospice answering services specialize in end-of-life care in hospice settings.

Benefits of a Hospice Answering Service

A robust and reliable hospice answering service can benefit a hospice care business, its patients, and its partners in various ways. These include:

Quality Patient Care

A hospice answering service is a centralized point of contact for patients, families, and healthcare teams. It can help streamline the process of scheduling appointments, coordinating care visits, and disseminating critical information about your hospice services and end-of-life care options. This efficient communication fosters collaboration among everyone involved and ensures patients receive comprehensive and timely support.

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Round-the-clock Access Patient Support

Hospice patients often require round-the-clock care. Thanks to a hospice answering service, patients experiencing end-of-life challenges are guaranteed assistance and support outside regular business hours. The answering service can contact a healthcare provider any time of the day or night, facilitating timely assistance for patients who need it.


Hiring an answering service can also help you reduce your operational costs, particularly when it comes to staffing. When you partner with a hospice answering service, you only pay for the service rather than hiring agents to answer calls—with nothing much to do in between. As such, you can redirect your resources to other areas, such as facility upgrades and staff training.

Improve Your Hospice Care With a Reliable Answering Service

Investing in a hospice answering service is an excellent place to start if you want to enhance service delivery and provide better end-of-life patient care. With a good hospice answering service, you’ll never have to worry about getting overwhelmed with calls. Call Sequence Health today to learn more about our services.