Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Medical Center Patient Portal By Sequence Health

Improve the patient experience with a customized, easy-to-use, all-encompassing secure patient portal.

Patient Portal

Today’s Problem: Your Enterprise EMR system may offer what it refers to as a patient portal allowing new and existing patients to fill out forms, to gain access to certain clinical data and to facilitate secure email exchanges.

These patient online portals are not engaging nor user friendly and don’t reflect your healthcare organization’s values. Your patients are having to leave your branded site to head to a portion of your EMR where your portal lives.

The EMR portal may have your logo there, but it certainly does not reflect the look and feel that you have created within your website. In addition, these portals are so limited in the information that is shared with your patients.

Your patients are finding it difficult to understand their raw medical results because there’s no explanation. If you are showing test results, your patients are only seeing the test values as indicated by the test lab, instead of how you specifically interpret them on a case-by-case basis.

You are creating more questions than answers by using these cold and lifeless communication portals. You are generating more concerns on behalf of your patients than you are resolving.

Patient Portal

Our Solutions: Sequence Health provides you with a patient portal that lives securely within your website. Now your organization’s look and feel remains intact. In addition, all of the valuable time that a patient spends inside their portal scores points with Google and other browsers for Search Engine Optimization because time spent on your site helps create better SEO rankings.

Patient PortalBecause our health portal integrates seamlessly with your EMR, you can now present data to your patients in a manner that is easy for them to understand, looks great and will improve patient satisfaction.

You’re able to create your own customized test result tables that allow your interpretation of results to be displayed to your patient. You can now post messages to the patient regarding these results at any time using the portal’s HIPAA compliant messaging system.

You now have secure text, chat and email capability with your patients separate and apart from your day-to-day electronic communications. You can display images and scanned documents inside the portal. Patients can upload information as required as well.

You have the ability to tie educational materials and videos to each step of the patient care pathway.

These educational tools are launched through the patient portal based on the patient’s step of care. With your EMR and portal integration, patients can easily view their electronic medical records and schedule appointments to see you without having to call in.

Our customized Medical Center patient portals allow digital data from commonly used personal and home devices to be uploaded to the patient’s portal. Ongoing tracking for all vitals that are measured resides there as well.

Take advantage of a real patient engagement portal where medical information is easily understood, and patients can stay connected to their healthcare and to your organization.

FAQs About Medical Center Patient Portal

We can help you improve your patient portal to improve patient engagement and to provide them with all the info they need to manage their own health outcomes. Call us at 888.986.3638 for a free needs assessment!

Setting up an account on the patient portal is easy. All you have to do is provide the patient’s information and have them set a username and password. This way, their information is secure.

HIPAA regulation requires that EMR be encrypted and held by access controls such as a username and password. It also requires an audit trail so that it’s known who accessed which records and when.

We can improve patient privacy with electronic medical records by making sure that patient information is stored securely. HIPAA regulation requires that EMR be encrypted and held by access controls such as a username and password.